Our son, Connor, was born November 29, 2012 after a normal pregnancy and no complications whatsoever. Within minutes of his birth, he was rushed to the NICU and we were being told phrases like “serious condition” and “lung dysfunction” and “expect the worse”. As the doctors discussed the situation with us, we were in such shock that we honestly thought they were in the wrong room. For the next few months of our family’s life, we did not know from one day to the next what to expect each day. The greatest issue was that his lungs did not want to breathe on their own, so the initial outlook was very serious.

Thanks to the amazing team of pediatricians and the devotion and commitment of Chattanooga’s only Pediatric Pulmonologist, it was determined he had a genetic abnormality called Surfactant Protein C Mutation. Fortunately, we are able to manage this with no serious impact to his health and development. Our team of doctors don’t know what will happen as he grows up or if there will be any other side effects with this deficiency, but for now (at the age of 4), the easiest way to describe his condition is a mild form of asthma.

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